Grandma’s Recipes

My grandmother passed in July. She was small in stature but she was one of the boldest personalities I have ever come in contact with.  Memories make me smile as I sit here and try to find the words to describe her.

Most all my memories of her are wrapped up in food. She never missed a detail.  She made sugar cookies that had a hint of orange flavor-Perfection.  She toasted the bun for a hamburger, she told me that people who love you take extra steps such as toasting a bun for a hamburger.  Grandma Cann’s coleslaw is legendary, we all love it.

She had a high level of detail in the final product, however the recipe is more so like a grocery list. The only amounts she gave was 2 stalks of celery, I didn’t even know there was celery in her coleslaw.  So I attempted to make it for Thanksgiving.  I mixed the combinations together, used a salad shooter to make the perfect chop – because that is what grandma used.   I will have to say that it was really great. Not perfect- but great.

When I made it, I didn’t write down any measurements either. I feel that it is a right-of-passage to learn. Something I will pass down to my a grandchild just as she has.  That is the best part of grandma’s recipes that no one can really recreate it right? That it is completely hers. That makes it completely special.





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