I Made PW Cinnamon Rolls and Lived

img_3638 Have you ever looked at a recipe and closed it because you knew you were not to that level of life.   You didn’t know what half the ingredients were.  Didn’t have the time. I have done that a dozen times to the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls.  (Recipe – PW Cinnamon Rolls) For one it makes enough to feed an army.  It takes a day to complete this task.

I pulled up my boot straps (this saying sounds good but I don’t really think it applies in this instance) and started the process.  You mix 3 things together…wait 45 minutes.  Mix 8 cups of flour in wait 45 minutes…  You pour on a ton of butter… a cup of sugar and an unidentified amount of cinnamon…

Destroy your countertop.   Wait another 30 minutes.

For What?

The most amazing Cinnamon Rolls Ever thats what.  They are delicious. Try them. Make sure you have a couple hours to spare. (and read the whole recipe.. coffee shit I don’t have coffee) Luckily you get breaks so it is actually not a horrible process with kids.  Plus you are making a  complete mess and I like to blame that on the children. Especially when John and I spent all morning cleaning.

Now I am going to go eat a one more cinnamon roll and crawl into bed.

Best. Night. Ever




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