Happy Holidays from the Jenssons

How is it December 22nd already?  Each year as I get older time goes just a touch faster.  I hesitate to tell Brandt anything until nearly the moment it will happen.  When we have made that mistake we spend the next series of days answering the same question in 15-20 minute intervals.  The Holdays are always a time for reflection. Last year at this time, I was snuggling my brand new baby girl, trying my best to keep up with my three-year-old son and not work while I was on maternity leave. I was completely done christmas shopping, everything was wrapped.  John was settling into a new job, took the official roll as the goalie in Brandt’s basement hockey games and becoming increasingly wrapped around Tessa Rae’s little finger.  Brandt was learning all the duties of being a big brother,  surprising us with all of the things he learned at “school”, and gaining independence with his “i can do it myself” attitude.   Tessa Rae was and still is perfect. 

This year we  settled into a family of four wonderfully.  We put more focus on small events throughout the year to enjoy family time. Trips to the Omaha Zoo, went to see the Iowa Wild Hockey team play, and road trips to see family. All these things seem simple but they are my favorite memories this past year.  Brandt still talks about the Omaha Zoo, just like I talk about our trips to watch m dad play baseball in Bloomington IL and John talks about his nights staying in the bunker house at his Uncles cabin.  They all have a couple things in common- laughter, smiles and time.  

That is what I hope for in 2017 as well.  For each of us to realize that time is so precious and moves so quickly.  I hope that you take time to spend with family, and friends.  To take a chance to build memories. To take photos so you can remember it. 
Cheers to 2017 and may time move a bit slower.

Bryn, John, Brandt (4) and Tessa Rae (1) 


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