I’ll call your name, but I won’t listen…

Mom. Mom. Mom!

jan4_1Brandt is 4 and precious. I love him.  Some things I will never understand. Why does he say my names a million times and yet not listen when I answer? Does this happen to anyone else? Am I stuck in this bad mommy parallel universe alone? Seriously…


I want to scream back Brandt. Brandt. Brandt… and then casually walk away.  Not say anything… but I don’t (usually). I usually answer his calls, I do exactly what he asks me to  “may I have chocolate milk, and 3 soft cookies from the red package right now?”   I make some comment about “is that how we ask?” He says “please” while never removing his eyes from the cartoon Blaze and the Monster Machines. I walk away get the milk, and cookies and feeling good about my parenting. “Boom he said please“. I ignore the fact that I had to prompt him.

We do these things everyday.  We listen and perform every one of our kids requests in some manor.  We bargain with them, we ask them to say please and thank you, we tell him to give Aunt Jess a hug. We do the best to not raise complete assholes.  And I have no idea if I am doing it right… no one does.

I talk with lots of friends about parenting and it’s not easy. It’s not for the faint of heart.  When you are not a parent you have a ton of ideas of the parent you will be. You make statements like ” I will never cook speciality meals for our kids”  I am eating those words every night that I microwave chicken nuggets.  Parenting makes you tough as nails and soft as velvet all at the same time.  We are all just pulling ourselves together with what time we have.  Don’t stress about it.  Parent your own way, structure your family how you need to so you can survive. I assure you. If you are worrying about it you are doing a great job.




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