Tribe Time Thursday

I mentioned that TIME is my big wish for 2017.  Hence Tribe Time Thursday… Sometimes it is the little things. The little. Tiny trips. 

We are probably those people that you talk about in the grocery store.   The 20-somethings roll there eyes and explain they will never be us. The 40 somethings laugh because they have been there. The 60somethings relive it every now and again with young grandchildren.

John and I started shopping together when we were dating. John always pushes the cart. I toss stuff in the cart acting like I have a plan. Today we push two kids in a race car cart. If you haven’t ever allowed your kids the race car cart… don’t start.  It is like pushing a limo through downtown L.A. during rush hour.  It’s long and hard to push especially with 50 pounds of kid and 50 pound of groceries. The only thing worse is allowing for your 3-5 year-old to push their own cart.  Then we add a whole different layer of stress.   We try to o everything in our power to not let that happen. 

The plus of us always going as a family is that Brandt is used to being in the store. He behaves himself for the most part. he doesn’t throw a fit. This is because at the end he gets HyVee Chinese at the end. Brandt loves Hyvee chinese. 

We are a family we do these things together. I don’t know why but I love grocery shopping. I love doing it as a family.  But I am sorry for the space we take up, the kids jabbering through the aisles, the ankles that have been hit.  



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